About us

A cozy center, a family atmosphere.

The Poznanianka Sanatorium and Leisure Center is an exceptional place located at the very heart of the health resort part of Kołobrzeg, where the seaside climate and the family atmosphere will help you not only achieve the peace of mind, but also regain health and vitality. This little – just three floors – and cozy building has a lift and a wheelchair ramp. In order to meet our guests’ needs, we have made parking spaces available.

Its central location means that all of Kołobrzeg’s attractions are within “an arm’s reach”, with a sandy beach 100 m away, tennis courts 100 m away, bike routes 50 m away, the culture center 500 m away, and the downtown area 700 m away.

The comfort of your stay is also enhanced by a broad range of procedures, as well as an opportunity to relax in the bosom of nature, in the garden or on the terrace.

Your relaxation and satisfaction are our priorities.