Autumn Promotion

Autumn on the Baltic Sea

Especially for those of you who shun crowds and the hustle and bustle of regular holidays, we have prepared a post-vacation offer.

In the autumn, when the summer high season is finally over, the somewhat emptied Kołobrzeg allows you to enjoy its climatic and therapeutic virtues to the full. The strong storm winds contribute to the formation of aerosols. Blowing at high speeds, they saturate the air with particles of iodine, chlorine, salt, bromine and other elements known for their salutary effect on all those who complain about upper respiratory tract conditions and other ailments. An insufficient supply of these components can cause fatigue, weakness, cardiac dysrhythmia, brittle hair and nails, etc.

The air coming from above the surface of the Baltic is free from pollution and allergens, therefore it is perfect for such applications as climatotherapy, which – apart from the popular sunbathing and bathing in the sea – includes strolling, as well. It is worth noting that the particles that exert a therapeutic effect are transferred with the air just approx. 200-300 meters into the land. The Poznanianka Center is located close enough to the shore to make sure that our guests are exposed to that therapeutic activity at all times.

Seeing this element of nature in all its glory is an incredible and breath-taking experience. However, it always gets calm after the storm, and that is a perfect time for a stroll along the seashore. You can take a rest and relax on a peaceful and quiet beach. And when on the beach, you had better mind your step, because the sea might have thrown some amber nuggets out onto the wet sand. Who knows what story they might tell you.

It was long ago that humans learned to take advantage of the virtues of the Baltic health resorts, such as the sand, the sun, the waves or sea water. Tourists come here not only to rest and sunbathe, but also to strengthen their immune system, get some fresh and clean air and moisturize their system so that it stays healthy and beautiful for a long time.

Autumn is a perfect time for us to prepare for months of winter-time stillness, short days and low temperatures. Among the procedures offered at our Center you will also find those that are meant to improve your well-being and strengthen your immune system. Our rehabilitation packages, in combination with the climatic virtues of Kołobrzeg, give you an opportunity to achieve the best therapeutic results.

Below are the details of our offer.


Prices for therapeutic stays per person per day (the price does not include the health resort fee)





Double room with balcony 160 zł 135 zł 125 zł
Double room without balcony 145 zł 125 zł 115 zł
Single room 180 zł 150 zł 135 zł

The price for a therapeutic stay per person includes:

  • accommodation
  • full board (breakfast, dinner, supper)
  • therapeutic diet at request – a preliminary medical check-up
  • 2 therapeutic procedures a day (on working days)
  • a dance evening once a week